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Meet Marvin

Father, Local Investor, and Community Leader​

Marvin Tapia believes in opportunity. Born in Colombia, he moved to the United States when he was two years old. The son of two hard-working immigrants, his father was a construction worker and his mother was a teacher. But like so many others who left their home country to come to Miami, his parents gave him the gift of opportunity.

Marvin grew up in Miami and was proud to attend Miami’s public schools. Marvin’s first career was with UPS, starting out loading trucks eventually working his way up the ranks to running Florida’s largest delivery hub. He found his true passion serving the community he came from. At Viernes Culturales, he spearheaded the process of designating Little Havana a National Treasure and as a board member has put a showcase on Miami’s small businesses. After 15 years, he left UPS to found Franco Investment Group, named after his son, to invest back into local businesses and causes. Their first investment, The Salty Donut, has expanded to 11 locations in four states. A relentless advocate for Miami, Marvin serves on the Executive Boards of the United Way, WOW Center, Only in Dade Cares, and he’s most proud of being the chairman of Miami-Dade County’s Hispanic Affairs Advisory Board. 

Marvin has lived in District 1 for over a decade with his wife and their five year old son, Franco.

Marvin's Priorities:

Miami’s cost of living increases have been the greatest in the country. The City of Miami needs to address the affordability crisis facing residents of District 1 by improving access to affordable housing and supporting local efforts to drive down cost.  

District 1’s local businesses need a partner in City Hall. As your commissioner Marvin will be a relentless advocate for small businesses that are the backbone of our community.

Overdevelopment in our community is erasing what makes it special. We need to protect the cultural institutions in Little Santo Domingo and Allapattah while improving the quality of life for residents, not displace them.  

Marvin is proud to live in District 1. Miami’s community organizations have done a great job of trying to keep our streets and river clean, but they can’t do it alone. As your City Commissioner, Marvin will devote more resources to keeping District 1 clean. 

Everyone in District 1 needs a voice in local government, not just wealthy developers or out of state interests. At City Hall, Marvin’s door will be open to everyone. 

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